Lone Star!

Starting today, I am at the Lone Star Spanking Party, where I will be vending my books and giving (and hopefully receiving) spankings.

If you are within easy driving distance of Houston, TX, but you don’t want to attend the party, you should still attend the vendor fair, which is Saturday November 12, from 12-4 Central Time. There I will be selling my paperbacks for at least $2 less than they cost on Amazon, and doing deals if you buy them in groups. In fact, you can get all of my paperbacks in person for $55, which is $19 less than they cost if you buy them on Amazon. (I mean, you can also get the Kindle books for way cheaper — even free, if you have Kindle Unlimited.) Plus, I’ll sign your paperbacks for you on the spot.

And hey, if you’re there and you want to play, send me a message or come up to me and ask. I promise I’m easy to talk to.

See you there!

(Lone Starr, from the film Spaceballs, portrayed by Bill Pullman.)

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