Did you vote?

I almost always keep politics off this site, but today is Election Day in the US, and if you are legally allowed to vote (some people aren’t), I hope you voted.

Moreover, I hope you didn’t vote for any of the Republicans (or Independents) on the ballot. Yes, I know, the only way to get a viable third party is to continue voting for third-party candidates, but this election is too important. Almost all of the Republicans running support full bans on abortion, anti-trans* legislation, tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the lower/middle classes, anti-Black/POC legislation (usually in the form of voter suppression and gerrymandering), and other awful things.

Where I live, in Georgia, the two main races are Brian Kemp vs Stacey Abrams for governor and Raphael Warnock vs Herschel Walker for senator. I have a bad feeling that Kemp is going to win re-election because he doesn’t seem “that bad” and he’s somewhat distanced himself from Trump. However, he does support full bans on abortion, which is a slippery slope toward taking away more and more rights from everyone who isn’t a white Evangelical Christian. Walker, meanwhile, is a perfect Trumpian candidate: not too bright, lies all the time, hits the talking points, and is generally a terrible human being who’s running literally only on the fact that he (a) isn’t Raphael Warnock and (b) was a UGA standout football player. Oh, and he also threatened his wife with a gun on more than one occasion. On the other hand, Warnock is an actual religious leader who, as far as I can tell, the only “bad” thing he’s done is voted with Biden 96% of the time.

(The “Drake meme” comparing how Evangelical Christians see the Warnock vs Walker contest.)

Oh, and lest we forget, the resident nutbag Marjorie Taylor Greene is most likely going to defeat Marcus Flowers, her Democratic challenger, because she simply keeps hitting the talking points while he answers her calmly and thoughtfully.

Look, I’m not saying Democrats are perfect. Far from it. But in this election, we are literally fighting for the future of our country and trying to arrest its not-so-subtle decline into fascism. So please, please, vote today, and don’t vote for Republicans or third-party candidates.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled spanking content.

Look! A butt!

(A very well-spanked, well-bruised bottom, wearing a black lace thong. This is my handiwork.)

One thought on “Did you vote?

  1. Thank you very much for such a timely & informative post 🏓 and of course such excellent “handiwork” (although suspect more implements were likely used)


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