Okay, but… a curry comb?

(A curry comb.)

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Fetlife lately of people getting spanked with curry combs. Traditionally they’re used to remove dirt, debris, and old hair from horses, but apparently these days they have been co-opted into spanking implements.

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t find marks from curry combs to be that sexy. They look too close to something that’s caused actual damage, which is not what I like to do or see. Look, you do you, and if you like being hit with a curry comb, find someone to hit you with a curry comb, but that someone will not be me.

Of course, I do use my own animal grooming implements.

(A pair of black dog grooming gloves, with little rubber spikes on them.)

I have a pair of dog grooming gloves that I’ve never used. They look remarkably like the ones pictured above. They’re not my favorite implement, but they do provide an interesting and different sensation upon impact, and they’re also good for massaging the skin, both of the butt and other places. The reason I don’t love them is because if I’m going to spank someone with my hand I want to feel their skin against mine, and the gloves prevent that from happening. It’s like a muffled swat.

Still, if you want me to wear my gloves and spank you, I’ll do that. You only have to ask.

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