Sometimes on Reddit I will reach out to people with interesting postings who are looking for kink partners. Recently there was one from a 20-year-old who was looking around, and she lived in my city, so I figured I’d message her and see how she felt about spanking. We talked a bit, and she said spanking looks like fun, so she wanted to give it a try. We talked about where we might play, and the pets we have, and then she asked me for a photo.

So I sent one from July.

The response?

Oh shit you old


Yes, okay, I am about 20 years older than this person. But should that disqualify me (in her eyes) from trying a new thing? Plus, think about how much experience I have, as opposed to someone in their 20s, which is what I assume she’s looking for. Do you really want to be spanked by some random dude who learned everything from watching porn, or do you want to be spanked by someone who is knowledgeable and well-practiced, who knows how to do it right, who will respect your limits, who won’t try to fuck you just because he got to touch your naked butt?

I know which one I’d choose.

Oh, and from a purely vanity-based perspective, I actually didn’t look old in that picture. Sure, there was some gray in my beard, but I thought most people like that. Guess I was wrong.

Seriously, though: if you end up in this woman’s position in the future, don’t just drop out of the conversation. Be polite; say “I think you might be too old for me, but thanks for messaging.” I wouldn’t have liked to hear that, but at least it would have been a better ending than “Nvm”.

One thought on “Nvm

  1. An absolutely awful experience that happens entirely too often, and the sad truth remains that this situation only continues to get worse unfortunately.


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