But what if they don’t like spanking?

When I originally wrote “Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be”, I didn’t have spanking in mind at all. Nor did I for the rest of my fan fiction. In addition to “Dreaming”, I also had a series of stories set five years after the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including one that was a crossover between one of my original characters in my fanficverse and the game Plants vs. Zombies.

Yes, it was exactly as crazy as you think it was.

Now, one of the central conceits of “Dreaming” is that, in the universe Graham changed, before he did his spell witches and wizards could increase their power by being spanked. Which is all well and good, but what if a witch or wizard didn’t like spanking?

I decided to explore that with a rewrite of my PvZ story, about an early-middle-age couple (52 and 49), where the wife is a witch, and the husband is not a wizard, and when she needs extra power for her spells she has to be spanked. Except that neither of them are into spanking. They accept it as a necessity, but they’re not into it. How would that affect their relationship?

Here’s the first spanking in that story:

Karen took a deep breath and kicked off her sandals. She undid her shorts and pushed them down, followed by her panties. If she’d known this was going to happen, she’d have worn nicer ones, but when you’re going to spend the day outside in the garden you generally don’t think about what kind of underwear you’re wearing.

Then she bent over the arm of the sofa. “The first thing we need is some power.”

Joe moved close to her. “I still can’t believe this is what it takes.”

“Believe it. It works.”

“Oh, I know it works. I’ve seen it.” He caressed her wide, curvy bottom and she couldn’t help but shiver with anticipation. In bed, Joe’s touch could bring her to the heights of pleasure, and his hand was close enough to something else to get her heart racing.

Then he smacked her bare backside, not hard, but firmly, enough to give her a little jolt.

Another smack.

And another.

“Keep going,” she told him. “I feel the power already starting to build.”

He sighed. Karen knew he only did this because she needed him to; he wasn’t into it, and honestly neither was she — the two of them were pretty vanilla when it came to sex. But she was a witch, and he was her husband, and he had always supported her.

Joe settled into a steady rhythm, spanking Karen’s ass over and over, the warmth growing in her backside as well as other places. His left hand was on her lower back; he’d pushed the t-shirt up some so he could have contact with her skin. He’d done research when Lily had discovered the magic-amplifying power of spanking, and although it didn’t turn him on like it did some of the other witches and wizards, he had made sure he was proficient at it.

And he was proficient. Before too long Karen’s entire bottom felt like it was glowing, and the power was flowing into her mind. She closed her eyes, shutting out the regular, even impacts of her husband’s hand on her ass, and opened herself to her abilities.

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