Formative Erotica, Part 3

Yup, you guessed it: more erotica from my formative years. Here’s the previous post.

  • “Eager Beaver’s Vacation at the Beach” — This is not the same “Eager Beaver” from the previous post. At least, I don’t think it is. Anyway, what this reminds me of is something one of my writing teachers called “Idea With Variations” — you have the characters do something, there’s a climax, and then the next thing happens, and the next, and so on. Pretty sure this author just decided to have his characters do whatever came to mind. However, I distinctly remember parts of this story, like the swapping (they’re swingers) and the string bikinis.
  • “Red Cheeks” — This one directly informed “As Hard As You Can” from Butt Stuff. It’s about a guy who responds to a personal ad and spanks a woman, and then fucks her. Pretty standard stuff, but also the guy is pretty careful, not overdoing it, building her up, layering the scene until she can’t take anymore. Also the sex involves a condom, which, for those days, was rare to read about.
  • “The Size 12 Plimsoll” — Although I wouldn’t say I liked this story, I certainly remember it. It’s about a shoe saleswoman who gets her bottom walloped by a size-12 gym shoe for losing the shop a customer. More notable for the buildup than the actual spanking.

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