Two Pages

I’ve spoken before about how I check my Amazon stats daily to see what people have bought and what they’re reading. (I can see how many pages are read of each book by Kindle Unlimited users, though not who is actually doing the reading.) Recently I checked my stats and saw that, on one day, someone had read two pages of Butt Stuff.

I wonder which two pages it was. Was it Hilary getting spanked in “A Lunch Date with Professor Richards”? Was it Rob fucking a man for the first time in Four Days? Was it the main character of “Flip the Switch” getting spanked with a wooden spoon? I have literally no idea… although honestly, I wish I knew.

And why was it only two pages? Did the reader only have a moment to read? Did they start reading and then get interrupted, or fall asleep? Were they using a specific scene for masturbatory material and just reading and re-reading it until they came? Again, something I wish I knew.

I’m always curious about how people feel while they’re reading my stuff. Hence why I’m always exhorting people to review my stories — or at least reach out and tell me directly what they thought. I’m never going to be a full-time writer (at least, not until I’m retired from my day job in 20 years or so), but I’m always going to want to know what people thought of my writing and how I can make it better.

I truly wonder what happened with those two pages of Butt Stuff. But I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering.

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