Double-Teaming the Trainer

(This post contains spoilers for Training the Trainer.)

In Training the Trainer, we meet Grace, a woman who is looking to be dominated. She eventually ends up with a married man, Brian, and both he and his wife Corinne are more than happy to have her in their lives.

Recently I had a thought — the phrase “double-team” — and I considered that it sounds kind of impersonal, as if the woman is being used as an object, instead of being a full participant in the sex act itself. Of course, that’s what some people want, and that’s okay. But when I have thoughts like these, I find that writing about them helps me process them.

So I wrote the first part of a story that will end with Grace being double-teamed by two men and loving every second of it.

Grace’s journey toward being double-teamed started out innocuously, if one could imagine Brian’s cock as anything close to innocuous. He was her lover, her dom, the man who spanked her until she almost cried and then fucked her the rest of the way. His cock was thick, one of the thickest she’d ever had, and she’d learned to take it in her ass with a very limited amount of preparation — which was to say, he would fuck her ass with his tongue, and then push his cock into her.

She’d learned to love the stretching, the discomfort, the ache as his cock intruded into her tightest, hottest place. Even with plenty of lube, it still hurt at first, and for almost longer than she liked. But without warning her body would seem to flip a switch, and it went from pain to pleasure. Grace adored Brian’s cock fucking her ass, and it almost always brought her to orgasm at least once before he grabbed her hips, slammed into her, and filled her with his come.

After, in bed, cuddled between Brian and his wife Corinne, Grace found herself being asked if she’d ever been double-teamed.

“What do you mean?” She was still a little drowsy from being fucked, but Corinne’s words broke through the fuzz.

“Have you ever been fucked by two cocks at the same time?”

“I know what the definition is,” she said. She had her ass pressed up against Brian; Corinne was lying on her side, idly caressing Grace’s breasts — not enough to get her going again, but it still felt nice. “And no.”

“Did you ever want to?”

Grace shook her head. “I never tried to make it happen or anything. I guess I’d be willing to try it.” The post-orgasmic chill loosened her tongue in ways that she’d never expected. Plus, it was Corinne saying it; she was always honest with her lover’s wife. Why not be? “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.” Corinne leaned in and took Grace’s right nipple into her mouth. That made her tingle down low, and she pressed her thighs together. Corinne had watched them fuck, but Grace hadn’t heard her come so she probably wanted some attention.

Grace gave Corinne a little nudge, until the smaller, leaner woman was on her back. Then she returned the favor, drawing her tongue along Corinne’s tight, hard nipples. Brian didn’t need much urging, either; he climbed over them, settled between Corinne’s legs, and buried his face between them.

Grace was Brian’s, yes, but they were both Corinne’s — him more than her, but she was too, in her own way — and they both were more than willing to give her whatever pleasure she desired.

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