More than you thought

With the right warm-up, you can take more than you thought you could.

A few weeks ago, at a play party, a switch I know asked if we could do a spanking scene. We negotiated a bit, and during the negotiation she said that she is a light bottom. Which is totally fine, but she also knows that I can (and do) play hard. The thing is, I don’t have to play hard — I have one partner who is also a lighter bottom, and we have very successful spanking scenes together. So while I told this person that I would not go crazy on her backside, I did tell her that she could probably take more than she thought she could.

And she did.

I used mostly my hand, warming her up with light-to-firm spanks, turning her pink, and then increased the intensity to fully-firm, peppering in some harder ones as I went, just to keep her on her toes. We did that for a long time, until I was sure she was ready for moderate spanks. I also paddled her a bit with two different paddles, including my “evil stick”, which is great for getting that spot right at the base of the cheeks.

(Spanking implements. The evil stick is on the left, between the scene-ender paddle and the wooden spoon.)

But ultimately I was having too much fun just spanking this person with my hand, so I went back to doing that. She was on a spanking bench, and for the last few swats — which were very hard — I knelt beside her and put my arm around her waist to hold her in place. Not that she was moving around a lot, but it’s the mental side of things that I was going for here.

When I was done, she had a couple of spots on her bottom that looked like they might bruise a little. And yet she claimed to be a lighter bottom. But with the right warm-up, she took a lot more than she thought she could.

Let that be a lesson to both tops and bottoms. Tops: warm up your bottoms (unless you’re punishing them, or they don’t want to be warmed up). Bottoms: trust your tops to warm you up before they go harder on you. Both of you will enjoy the spankings a lot more.

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