More Professor Pain

Professor Pain didn’t just do BDSM stuff with the Unstoppable Force…

Professor Pain slapped the Unstoppable Force’s ass. “Turn over,” he said.

Just like any other bottom, when the Unstoppable Force’s bruised backside met the padding of the spanking bench, he hissed and squirmed. But his cock remained hard, which was what Professor Pain wanted. He knelt in front of the superhero, took hold of the base of his cock, and dipped his head. Before long he was sucking the Unstoppable Force’s cock in earnest, and the superhero had his hands in the professor’s hair, not really guiding him so much as telling him with little flutters of his fingers how good he was feeling. It probably helped that the professor was holding the Unstoppable Force’s balls gently in one gloved hand, squeezing ever so slightly as he took the superhero’s cock into his throat, his nose pressed into the hair at the base.


Professor Pain pulled back and gasped down a deep breath, pleased with himself — maybe the Unstoppable Force’s famous girlfriend wasn’t so good at giving head? Or maybe it was the pain that made it better? The professor didn’t know; all he knew was that he’d just beaten a superhero, and now he had him just where he wanted him: hard and sore.

He looked up at the Unstoppable Force. “Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?”

A slight nod. “A few times. Before… well, before.”

“Good. That means you know what to do.” Professor Pain got to his feet and unbuckled his pants, letting them and his briefs fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside, and then took hold of his own cock. He stroked it slowly. It wasn’t as thick as the superhero’s, but it was longer, and he saw the Unstoppable Force’s eyes widen. “Don’t worry,” he said, “when it comes to sex, I’m a bottom, not a top.”

“Oh.” There was relief there; was the superhero really afraid of having his own ass fucked?

It didn’t really matter, though. Professor Pain retrieved a condom and some lube from one of the shelves, and then knelt on the carpeted floor on his knees and elbows, his own ass in the air. “Fuck me,” he told the Unstoppable Force. “Be a good boy and fuck me.”

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