My Frolicon Classes for 2022

Come find me at Frolicon!

Most of the time I’ll be at the writers’ table in the Prefunction Area (near-ish the security office), where you can get paperback copies of my books (signed, if you like) for less than they cost on Amazon. Or, if you prefer ebooks, I’ll sign a flyer for you. You can also check out the classes I’m teaching (with some other fabulous writers as well):

  • So You Want to Write (Friday, 2pm, Conf Rm 125): If you’ve been thinking about becoming a writer, but have been hesitant, come learn how to get started.
  • Gutsy Plotting (Saturday, 10am, Athens Room): Tips and tricks for how to improve the plotting of your stories.
  • Writing Women (Saturday, 12pm, Atlanta 2): Writing an effective female/woman’s POV. Which I know seems weird that I, a cishet dude, am talking about, but even cishet dude writers need to know how to write women well.

And of course don’t forget Bedtime Stories (Friday, 8pm, Con Suite) — myself and the other authors on the Ink Track will be reading our work, and volunteers (maybe even you!) will be acting it out for fun and fabulous prizes! My story is about a superhero and a supervillain, and I wrote it just for Frolicon.

(Also, it’s interesting that my computer recognizes the word superhero but puts a red “you misspelled that” line under supervillain.)

Hope to meet you in person!

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