Hug From Behind

It amazes me how quickly the stock photo website I use has learned what I need for covers.

Take One Night in Asheville. I figure the cover should be one person hugging the other from behind. So I went to my stock photo site and typed in “hug from behind”.

One of the first 20 images was this one:

(Image: A man and a woman, both wearing black. The woman is mostly hidden behind the man, but leaning over his shoulder as she hugs him from behind.)

If I could change his hairstyle a little and throw a beard on him, this would be almost a perfect image for that story.

Of course, I’ll probably end up going through more of the 95 pages (!!!) of “hug from behind” images, to see if any are better than this. I can’t imagine there will be, but you never know.

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