Which one is Kristen?

I still don’t have a title for the Kristen story yet, but I’ve started looking at license-able images that I can use for the cover. I found three that I like. I’m not sure which one is Kristen just yet, but I’m thinking about it.

Which one do you like best?

(Image 1: Young woman with long, straight brown hair and a light-purple t-shirt with a scoop neck, smiling and looking over her shoulder.)

(Image 2: Young woman wearing high-waisted jeans with a brown belt, and a long-sleeved yellow top with sleeves cuffed at the wrists, with long, wavy, dark brown hair, looking over her shoulder, eyes mostly closed as if looking mischievous.)
(Image 3: Young woman looking directly into camera, wearing a long-sleeved red and black plaid button-down, with light-brown straight hair that just brushes her shoulders, smiling.)

I know which one I like, but I’m curious which one you like. Go back through the tag for this story, read the excerpts, and tell me which one you think best fits your idea of what Kristen looks like. Hopefully I get some votes in the comments before I come up with a title and have to make a final decision.

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