Julianna and the Realtor, Part Five

Last week I got a start on the fifth part of “Julianna and the Realtor”. Here’s some of what I wrote:

I had played with Julianna’s ass before, just as she’d played with mine, so when I spread her apart, she shivered with anticipation. She probably thought I was going to use a finger on her.

I was not.

I slid down until I was lying on my stomach, until she could feel my breath between her cheeks, and before I could stop myself, I leaned in and flicked my tongue over the tight, tiny opening between them.

She almost squirmed out of my grip. “What are you doing?”

I flicked again and was rewarded with a small gasp.

Then I dove in, pressing the flat of my tongue against her. She tried to jump away, but I held tight to her cheeks so she couldn’t move. She whimpered an almost-unintelligible “what the fuck?” as I started to lick, and then further words became impossible as she gave herself over to the sensation. I imagined it was pretty intense, given how she reacted when I fingered her ass, and how I reacted when she did mine, combined with how she was when I went down on her.

This wasn’t too dissimilar. I tried not to think too hard about what butts generally do — Julianna had just showered, so she was as clean as she was going to get, and there wasn’t a bad taste or anything. It was a little bitter on the back of my tongue, but I ignored it as I focused on making her ass slick and slippery, working her over just like I did when I had her face-up. The feeling was a little different — smoother somehow, and yet not so because of the shape of the opening — but my technique had turned the whimpers into moans, moans that crescendoed into a yelp as I pushed my tongue into her ass. She clenched on it, which was, to be honest, pretty fucking hot, and I started to fuck her ass with my tongue. We’d never actually had anal sex, but if she liked my tongue and finger this much, I began to wonder why we hadn’t.

Something to think about later. For now I alternated plunging my tongue into her with quick little licks on the rim. I wanted to go lower, to tease her lips and her clit, but the angle was wrong and anyway the last thing I wanted to do was cross-contaminate.

Fortunately, I had hands; with my left, I kept her as spread apart as I could, my face buried in her ass, and with my right, I reached under and slipped two fingers easily into her. She was as wet as she’d ever been, and I quickly found her g-spot, pushing down on it; she cried out and came unexpectedly, clamping down on my fingers and my tongue, her body writhing as if it wanted to escape, although I knew she really didn’t.

I guided her through two more orgasms that way — they came one right after the other — my tongue as deep in her ass as I could get it, wiggling it, feeling the smoothness inside her, until she gasped out “stop, please, stop.”

I pulled back without even thinking, her ass tightening back up once I was out of it, and eased my fingers out of her as well. She was taking in huge, heaving breaths, her body almost vibrating it was so tense. “Are you okay?”

“F… fine.” Julianna took another deep breath and then pulled her knees up, raising her ass. “Just need you inside me.”

Special thanks go to the person who let* me do this to her recently, for science.

* By “let”, I mean “enthusiastically consented to”.

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