People Like Us

Last week Ann and I went to a munch, and she introduced me to one of her close friends. Said friend recognized me from another munch we’d both been at, and remembered me as the person who wrote the choose-your-own-adventure erotica book. Ann told her friend that she’d read it and that it was about “people like us”.

That was a huge compliment, because I do like my erotica to be realistic. Yes, I write fantasy and sci-fi and horror erotica from time to time, but I want the people to be real. In Weekend Plans, the intent is for my characters to all feel like real people. I guess I got the job done.

Of course, your mileage may vary, but to know if it will or not, you’ll have to read the book. Here’s an excerpt:

You press against Julie, grinding your cock against her through your slacks and her panties. She moans into your mouth and grinds right back, and out of nowhere she comes. You know, because you know her, and you know it hit her unexpectedly. Her entire body goes tight and she stutters out nonsense syllables, her lips against yours.

This was clearly the right decision. But it was only the first one. You have to have her, right here and right now.

Quickly, before losing your momentum, you scoot back enough to reach down and tug at her panties; she lets your body go long enough for you to yank them off. You shove your own pants and shorts down, not bothering with your belt or your buttons, and grab her by the hips again. This time when you grind against her there’s nothing in the way and you slip into her. She’s so wet, so hot, so loud when she cries out and digs her heels into your backside. You fuck her as she holds onto you, her face against your shoulder, moaning out “yes” and “please” and “more”.

Her second orgasm is more traditional, as it were — you feel it building as you fuck her, and you whisper her name. “Come, Julie. Come for me. Come for me, Julie. Come for me.” She loves hearing you tell her what to do when you’re fucking — she told you early on in the relationship — and it pushes her over the edge. You thrust all the way into her and let out a groan as her body flutters and pulses along your cock.

When the orgasm ends, Julie goes a little limp and her ass against the hood of the car makes a rude squeak. Normally you’d laugh, but right now you’re so hard, and so ready, and you want to keep going.

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