This is how we do it…

(You’re welcome for the earworm.)

Recently I’ve had to explain to multiple people what a punishment paddling from me is like. I can say “hard paddle swats over the seat of your pants” as much as I like, but unless you’ve experienced that, you might not think it’s so bad. After all, you have pants on, right?

So I went over to SpankingTube and found a video from the RealSpankings “School Swats” series that accurately portrays what I do during a punishment paddling. Admittedly, my paddle has holes in it and the paddle in this video doesn’t, and I have the victim bend over the bed, but otherwise it’s pretty similar. I swing hard, the paddle cracks against your bottom, and you feel an explosion of pain through your entire backside. At the end, you probably have bruises. And I do my punishment paddlings before any play spankings happen, which means no warm-up.

The lesson here? Don’t get into a position where you earn a punishment from me. It’s not fun. But then, it’s a punishment; it’s not supposed to be.

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