Spanking Trip

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a trip exclusively for the purposes of spanking. I mean, I guess you could count my trip to Alabama in early 2020, but not much spanking happened there even though we ostensibly were going to do that. (It was mostly fucking, and I’m not complaining.) I guess if you want to pinpoint my last solo trip taken specifically for spanking, you’d have to go back to the end of 2013, when I went to Virginia and North Carolina. (I don’t count Crimson Moon 2019, because, while a lot of spanking did happen, I was also there to see friends and sell books.)

Now, in 2021, I’m taking another spanking trip — this one all the way to Canada. In fact, as this post drops, I will be on an airplane to Toronto, through which I will connect to my final destination. As far as my partner goes, I’ve known her since 2013 — I believe we met on Fetlife — and we’ve often discussed getting together but it never quite worked out until this year.

I’m going to spend a week with her, working (remotely) during the days and spanking her (in person) at night. Lots and lots of spanking. Hopefully fun spankings, but if she acts up or brats me too much, I’m willing and able to punish her until she changes her tune.

My first spanking trip was in February 2013 — I went to Virginia to see someone I met on Tumblr, and I spanked her bottom quite a few times. It was also the first time I ever swatted someone in public; we were in Target, and she was getting too far ahead of me, so I caught up and smacked the seat of her skirt. She gave me such a face, but she knew it was a possibility that it could happen and had consented to it as part of our negotiations. I don’t think the swat even hurt, and I waited until no one was around, but it was the mindset that led to it and the way she felt afterward that made the most impact.

That, of course, was in a much bigger town. Where I’m going in Canada, it’s a very small town, and if I swat my partner in public she’ll hear about it from her neighbors. We don’t want that.

I have blog posts queued up for you for this week, and I’ll try to talk about the trip a little next week, but for now, wish me luck: I’m in a relatively small plane, and I’m not a small person. I’m likely quite cramped right now. But it’ll be worth it in the end.

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