Cry, cry, cry

I love tears. I’ve written stories about how much I love tears. I love it when I give a spanking that makes someone cry.

Last weekend (after Frolicon), I met up with a play partner and I made her cry. A lot. Some of the tears were from pain, but some were from fear. She was terrified and shaking at the thought of what I was going to do to her. She had her safewords, and I encouraged her to use them, but she didn’t.

I also didn’t beat the hell out of her or anything. She mostly got spanked with my hand, but there were also spoon spanks and flogger whacks.

I did have to punish her one time, for getting out of position, and that scared her too, and she cried even more.

Sometimes you just have days like that — days when a spanking makes you cry, days when you’re so in your emotions that all you can do is cry it out.

I also made her cry in other ways, but those were more fun. I have a video, and no, you can’t see it. It’s just for us.

But it is hot as fuck, trust me.

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