Frolicon 2021 Class Schedule

Here’s where you can definitely find me teaching classes during Frolicon 2021:

  • Friday
    • 12pm: Writing BDSM — Reality vs Fantasy
  • Saturday
    • 12pm: Yer Doin it RONG — Sex, Kink, and Responsibility in Writing
    • 2pm: Worldbuilding
      • This is my favorite class to teach. Come learn the basics of how to build a believable world, whether your story is set on Earth in the present day or in a galaxy far, far away.

All three of these classes will be in Atlanta Ballroom 1.

The rest of the time, I’ll probably be in the fan table area, at the writers’ table. As far as I know it’ll just be me this year, so come keep me company! And if you love paperbacks, you can get them from me for less than the cost on Amazon, and I’ll even sign them for you.

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