Long-distance spanking

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled to give (or receive) a spanking? For me, it’s 1400 miles, and it was an extremely memorable weekend spent in an Airbnb in New Mexico, full of spanking and fucking.

But I might be topping that by 200 miles this year, because a friend of mine in Canada has invited me to come stay for a few days. I’m still working out the kinks (so to speak), and figuring out if I can afford the airfare, but if I can pull it off, I’ll hit 1600 miles traveled for a spanking. This is someone I’ve known since 2013, since she pinged me on Fetlife and we became friends. Our lives have changed quite a lot in the past eight years, but we’ve remained reasonably close, and although we’ve never met in person we’ve always wanted to get together for cuddles and spanks.

Hopefully it works out. I’ll let you know.

Over the past eight years I’ve traveled a lot of places for spankings. New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, and Alabama are just a few of them. Normally I’ll drive, but sometimes it’s just too far — like Illinois, Texas, and New Mexico were. Still, I’m not opposed to getting in the car and taking a trip if it means I’ll be giving someone a sore bottom as a result. Sometimes I think I should just chuck it all and start traveling around the US, giving spankings, cuddles, and dog pets (because if you think I’d be doing this without my dog you’re nuts). Of course, being a parent, that’s really more of a “wouldn’t it be cool if” scenario rather than a realistic one.

Still, I get away when I can. And I’m more than willing to have people make the trip to me to get spanked (which has happened — Texans, North Carolinians, and New Yorkers, among others, have all done this). I have a guest room, and my house is pretty clean. You just have to be nice to my dog.

And me. Be nice to me too. Mean people don’t get spankings from me.

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