Slapping and Spanking

I wrote some more of “Julianna and the Realtor”. Here’s a scene where she gets slapped and spanked.

Later that week, I sat, straddling Julianna’s hips, as she lay in bed, her wrists restrained, attached to the bedposts with soft leather cuffs. Her feet were free, but she couldn’t do anything with them. She was open to whatever I was going to do, and I knew she knew I liked it — we were both naked, and my cock was hard, pressing against her stomach, which had just enough softness to make the skin give when I touched it.

I wanted to slap Julianna around, to smack her face until she cried, but that was a hard limit — she couldn’t risk it. Fortunately, her breasts were fair game, and I was slapping them, turning them red under my hands as I hit her, then squeezed her, then twisted her nipples. She tried to arch, tried to squirm, but she had no leverage and I was too strong. She wasn’t crying, but her face was flushed and her eyes were screwed shut.

Good. That meant she wouldn’t see what I was about to do.

Julianna wasn’t ticklish, but there were other things I could do under her arms. I reached into the spaces beneath them and dug my fingers in, gentle at first, but then hard enough that she howled. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Whatever I want.” I said it calmly, matter-of-factly, as I took my hands away and went back to slapping her. Her breasts bounced prettily with each strike, and her nipples were tight and firm; she was enjoying it.

I let her enjoy it for another thirty seconds or so before going back under her arms, driving my fingers in even harder; I saw the muscles in her arms tense as she tried to pull in, tried to protect herself. The restraints wouldn’t allow it, and she bit her lip and ground out a groan of pain. I went deeper, hooking my fingers upward, toward the front of her body, and she cried out before slamming her lips together in a tight line. Agonized noises escaped through her nose as I attacked those pressure points, something I’d never done before.

When I stopped, she exhaled in a loud huff and opened her eyes. They were a little glassy. “Fucker,” she whispered.

“Soon,” I promised. Then I hauled off and smacked her left breast, hard enough that my right hand stung. She yelped and turned her head away, eyes fluttering closed so she didn’t see me slam my other hand into her right breast. Both of them were fully pink and red, with some little dark-crimson marks that would bloom into bruises in a few hours — a day at most. “But this is too much fun.” Both hands came straight down, right over her nipples with a loud whack, and she yanked hard at the restraints. I’d thought that might make her cry, but it didn’t. I knew she could cry on command, and sometimes when we fucked she’d do it to make me harder and hotter, but I guess her brain was too full of pain to concentrate on that.

So I decided to give her some more. I climbed off and turned around, grabbing her legs and bending her in half, tucking her knees under my left arm. Her ass was exposed, the skin tight over her curves, and I started to spank her. Julianna liked spanking in general, but I wasn’t doing this one for fun — I was doing it because I wanted to hurt her. I was hitting her harder than I might usually do to start, leaving bright pink handprints on her skin. She tried to thrash, tried to push her legs up and kick me away, but I had her helpless. I knew she couldn’t catch her breath in this position, not really, and that just made it more fun. Before long her entire ass was pink, and it was then that I moved my hand up and slipped my thumb into her.

She was wet and slick, and I knew she was enjoying this, even though she was protesting.


I do enjoy face slapping, but I know it’s not for everyone, and something I think is needed in erotica that we don’t get enough of is people considering their limits. In real life, limits need to be discussed and respected, and while it may not be super-hot to think about it, sometimes it needs to be said. Often it needs to be repeated. It never hurts to review limits and rules with a casual play partner before doing a scene.

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