More Julianna

The second part of what is, at least for the moment, called “Julianna and the Realtor”, is basically a retelling of a scene I did with a former play partner a couple of years ago. I did that same type of scene with her three times, and all three times she cried more than once. Enjoy this snippet:

I started just lightly slapping Julianna’s shoulders, even lighter than a warm-up spanking, but that didn’t last long. Soon I was hitting her just as hard as I hit her ass during a normal, fun session, but because it was her shoulders I knew it was having a greater impact.

But I wasn’t done.

I gave Julianna several sets of ten smacks to each shoulder, and then slammed my palm against the right one with a sharp crack! She cried out and tried to pull back, but with my other hand I took hold of her hair and moved her into the correct position. Then I landed another whack, this one to the left shoulder. Already I could see my handprints forming, darker red over what I’d already done.

I liked doing this for several reasons. One was because, as I mentioned, I’m a sadist. Another is that I leave red marks that turn into bruises that last for days. But the most important reason is that this makes her cry more reliably than anything else.

So I pounded her shoulders with my closed fists, the thumps like a hammer hitting a slab of meat, and just as she relaxed into them I would whack one or both shoulders with an open palm, making her scream.

I punched her shoulders harder, both with hammer-type blows and with straight-on fists, adding in smacks whenever I thought she was getting too into the beating, and before too long I heard a sniff.

That didn’t stop me, though. I only hit her shoulders harder, trading closed fists for open hands, my palms stinging like they did when I spanked her as hard as I could — because I was hitting her shoulders as hard as I dared, not with my full strength like I sometimes did during a spanking, but hard enough that a scream broke through, a scream that trailed off into sobs.

Don’t get me wrong — I love spanking — but I also very much enjoy beating the hell out of someone’s shoulders and upper back. Just, if you’re going to do that, be very aware of where the safe areas are, and if you’re not sure, ask someone more experienced than you.

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