Towns for Sale

Did you know you could buy an entire town? I’ve read stories about this before, and I had a thought today: what if someone bought an entire town, erected a wall around it, and on the inside created basically a BDSM theme park? Well, maybe not a theme park per se, because there wouldn’t be rides (except, you know, the sexy kind), but a village where BDSM activity could be performed in full view of everyone — where it was okay to walk your slave on a leash, or spank someone in the town square, or go shopping wearing only a butt plug and high heels. Of course everyone who worked there would have to be vetted, even if they were only running the desk at the convenience store, and it would be hella expensive to stay in this town — and even more expensive to live there 24/7 — but it’s a nice thought: to be able to go to a place where you don’t have to hide who you are while you’re engaging in everyday activities like grocery shopping, taking the dog to the groomer, or going out to dinner with your partner (or partners).

Realistically speaking, this could never work, and we’re going to be limited to parties, dungeons, and our own homes, but it would certainly be nice.

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