An Interlude from WEEKEND PLANS

I’ve been going to a lot of munches lately (thank goodness for vaccinations), and I’ve been bringing a copy of Weekend Plans, my choose-your-own-adventure kink novel, with me. People seem to like it. So, while you wait for Lessons (coming June 25!), here’s page 57 of Weekend Plans to whet your appetite, and maybe incite you to get a copy for yourself.

It takes a herculean effort, but you manage to reach down and touch Julie’s hair. She looks up at you, your cock in her mouth, and you almost explode right there. “I want to fuck you,” you tell her. “Right now.”

She releases you and smiles, getting up to her feet and heading up the stairs. You pull your pants up enough so that you don’t fall, and you follow her. By the time you get to your bedroom, she already has her dress off and is unhooking her bra. You take a moment to drink in the sight of her: her smile, her adorable little snub nose, her voluminous curves — large breasts, a belly she complains about but you love to touch and bite, and when she gets onto the bed, you see the ass you love to spank.

And you will spank it again. You’re sure of it now. 

You undress, probably faster than you ever have, and join Julie on the bed. She kisses you hungrily, and you kiss her right back, reaching down to touch between her legs. She’s definitely wet enough, and you can’t hold off much longer. 

Fortunately, she’s figured that out. 

But when you try to get up, to get her on her back, she pushes you down onto the bed and grabs a condom off the bedside table. It’s on you before you can really process what’s happening, and then she’s on top of you, your cock buried in the slick heat between her thighs. 

It doesn’t take long for her to come, grinding down and rocking while you caress her breasts. Fuck, you missed this. You missed her. You missed your girlfriend. And as mad as you are about causing the whole situation, if it means makeup sex like this, then it couldn’t have been all bad.

Julie comes again, moaning through clenched teeth, and then lifts herself off you and leans down for a kiss, which you gladly accept. Her face is flushed, her hair a mess already, her lips swollen from sucking your cock. You cup her cheek and she smiles. “Would you fuck me now, please?”


You watch as Julie gets on her elbows and knees, head down and beautiful rounded ass in the air, and desire surges in you even more. You get behind her and plunge into her and she cries out with the pleasure of it.

Then you fuck your girlfriend, hard and deep, just like you both want.

I wrote Weekend Plans because I wanted to play a spanking game on my phone, but there weren’t any good ones (that I could find) and I’m not a programmer. So I made my own game the only way I know how.

If you’re a programmer who can code a decent match-3 game, get in touch with me. I’ll write the content if you do the programming.

And don’t forget to pre-order Lessons!

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