A Morning in Bed

Every so often I’ll go through my folders of unfinished stories and see if there’s anything I want to work on. This scene is from a follow-up to the story “Baker’s Dozen”, which is in the book of the same name. Jessica is a friend/occasional partner of Mason and Cee (Cecelia), and they hung out at the BDSM club the night before. Jessica slept over, in their bed. This is what happens the morning after.

Jessica woke up not because of the noise but because of the motion. She wasn’t tucked between Mason and Cee anymore. In fact, she was pretty close to the edge of the bed. She turned over, brushing long red hair out of her face, and blinked the sleep out of her eyes.

What she saw made her instantly wet.

Cee was sitting on Mason’s face, her skin practically glowing where the sun hit it, peeking around the heavy curtains to paint stripes on her back.

Jessica was always afraid of being on top of a partner, especially like Cee was right now. She was tall and curvy — okay, more than just curvy — and she was afraid of hurting someone. But Cee was so thin that Mason could throw her off if he had to.

Not that he was. In fact, his hands were around her hips, holding her in place, and her hands were on the padded headboard, holding herself up. She was grinding on his mouth, biting her lip hard, trying not to make noise.

Jessica glanced down and then blushed, clamping her thighs together. Mason was hard, his cock standing up, and it glistened a little — maybe because Cee had gone down on him? She didn’t know. It had been a while since Jessica had had sex; even with her last Daddy, that hadn’t happened because while he was a good Daddy he saw it as a platonic thing: spankings and snuggles and stuffies, but no sexytimes. She had toys, but they weren’t the same.

Cee let out a broken gasp as Mason grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed. She was bruised, just from his hand spanking last night, and despite her fear of how much it would hurt Jessica wished it was her ass that was marked up like that.

Oh, fuck it, she mouthed, not wanting to even whisper, not wanting them to stop. She’d watched them have sex before, but this was different, the fact that they didn’t even realize she was awake. When she touched herself, she shuddered hard; an orgasm wasn’t far off already, and her clit was a tight presence under her fingertips.

Cee reached down and put her hand on Mason’s forehead; he let go of her ass and she scooted down to straddle his hips, leaning forward to kiss him. Jessica closed her eyes almost all the way. “It’s not going to happen,” Cee whispered against his mouth. “I’m sorry, sir.”

He cupped her cheek in one hand — she was so small, and his hands were so big, that half her face almost disappeared. “It’s okay, love.” He kissed her again, his hand moving to her hair. “I still want to do it, as long as it feels good.”

“It feels amazing and you know it.” She chuckled. Jessica tried not to move her hand. No one had ever made her come from just eating her out. She wondered what it would be like. “Now,” Cee said, “are you going to fuck me, sir, or am I going to have to do it myself?”

I’ve been reworking this story quite a bit over the past year, changing the nature of Jessica’s character and the relationship she has with Mason and Cee, then changing it back, then changing it again. Eventually something will stick. And I’m fairly certain some version of this scene will be included in whatever form the story ends up taking.

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