Before Court

Before going to Spanking Court, our heroine Kristen in my sorority spanking novella (it’s definitely a novella now; it’s gone over 27,000 words) meets up with Zach from “Reunion” in Baker’s Dozen for a hand spanking. Here’s some of it:

Zach dipped his head in acknowledgment. “I guess you watched some of my videos.”

She nodded. She’d checked out his OnlyFans and even bought a video from his Clips4Sale store — a hand-spanking video, no implements, and yet Alison’s ass had been all sorts of pretty shades of red afterward. He spanked hard, no question, and she was all for that, although perhaps she should’ve scheduled it earlier in the day, so she could have more recovery time.

Too late to change that.

“Are you still bruised?”

Another nod. “I checked a few minutes ago. It’s not as bad, but it’s still purple. Just, lighter.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll try not to aim for the bruises, but I can’t make any promises.”

“I trust you,” she said.

“Great.” Zach stood up and moved over to sit beside Kristen on the bed. “You ready?”

“I guess so.” Kristen got up and unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them down and off. Zach opened his legs and Kristen bent over his left thigh, just like last night. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Zach’s hand was surprisingly gentle as he caressed her bottom, running his thumbs over the bruises on her sit-spots. “You’re absolutely sure about this?”

“I am.” She grabbed for a pillow and held on tight. “Let’s do it.”

That was all the prelude she got; Zach started to spank her, and even though this was just the start, it was hard — as hard as Rich ever spanked her with his hand, and Zach didn’t even seem to be trying. His palm crashed into her backside over and over, heavy and thuddy, and she couldn’t help but let out little pained noises with every swat or so.

Kristen counted thirty spanks before Zach stopped. “Still sure?”

“Still sure,” she confirmed.

She imagined Zach nodded, but all she felt was more spanking, just as hard as before. Her ass was already throbbing, her bruises a dull ache that beat like a drum every time he spanked her. He was moving around, too, methodically covering her entire backside with weighty, punishing smacks. 

Another thirty spanks later and Zach put his hand, now rather warm, on the back of Kristen’s upper thigh. “How red am I?” she asked.

“Not as red as you will be.”

“That’s not really an answer.”

I’m thinking I have maybe three chapters left in this story. Perhaps four. I’m already halfway through chapter 10, and we’re coming up on the last night of the spanking party. Kristen has one more spanking coming to her, and there might be more than just spanking depending on how organic I can make it with the characters. We’ll see.

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