New book coming soon!

Never let it be said that being trapped in your house for weeks is all bad. I mean, sure, I would love to get out and see people, but once I realized there’s only so much TV I can watch, I decided it was time to get creative.

Well, not exactly. What actually happened was that I was looking through my phone’s app store for a game that included spanking and BDSM. I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to make my own. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer, but what I can do is write, and choose-your-own-adventure stories are basically games, right?

88,000 words later…

The book, which is currently untitled, is in the proofreading phase. CYOA stories have to have two separate proofreading passes:

  1. Logic proofreading — making sure each and every path makes sense, breaking out of loops, checking for consistency, etc.
  2. Standard proofreading — spelling, grammar, usage, etc.

I’m in pass one right now; I have a beta reader looking for errors. This will by far be the more difficult and time-consuming pass. I already did it once, but I need an extra pair of eyes.

Hopefully I can get this book out by the end of May. When I do, you’ll be there first to know. As long as I remember to update this site.


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