BUTT STUFF Cover Reveal

All right, my friends, here it is: the cover for the upcoming collection Butt Stuff.

The back cover copy:

From the author of the Shell Game duology (Learning the Ropes, Breaking the Rules) and Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Spanking Stories


From Sir Mix-a-Lot to ZZ Top, from Destiny’s Child to Queen, it seems as though everyone is singing the praises of the human backside. Now it’s JJ Rose’s turn, as he brings you twelve all-new stories about people and their butts. Men and women, giving and receiving, sex and fingers and tongues and everything in-between. And it wouldn’t be a JJ Rose book if there wasn’t some spanking included. So lube up, bend over, and enjoy your Butt Stuff.

And just in case you’d like to see the cover with no writing on it (click through for larger):

Thanks once again to notobella designs for a cover that exceeds my expectations. (Her rates are very reasonable, if you need a cover of your own, or other design or web work.)

Oh, by the way, the preorder link for the book will be up this week. Just, y’know, if you’re interested.

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