BUTT STUFF is ready for publication

I’m kind of amazed at how quickly Butt Stuff has come together. I think I started assembling it in January, and now, halfway through March, I only have a few things left to do:

  • Reveal the cover (March 18).
  • Activate the pre-order link (which I’ll do along with the cover reveal).
  • Upload the final cover for the print version (Amazon is being a butt about 0.01 inches so I needed to get a new copy from the artist).
  • Get my proofs and review them.
  • Get print copies of both books (Butt Stuff and Baker’s Dozen) to sell at Frolicon (you should come and see me).
  • Activate the purchase page for the print version.

I can’t imagine all of this taking me more than an hour, total. Maybe two.

Are you ready for your Butt Stuff?

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