second draft of Butt Stuff is done!

This week I finished the second draft of Butt Stuff (tentative title), which is my second short-story collection, coming out this April. The stories are a bit longer and a bit more varied. Right now they’re with my beta readers, and in about three weeks I get the edits back and start on the third draft, which is most likely going to be the final one, unless I save yet another draft for punctuation and grammar edits.

The order of the stories isn’t finalized, and not all of them have their final titles, but here’s the initial table of contents:

  • A Lunch Date with Professor Richards
  • As Hard As You Can
  • The “Days” Tetralogy:
    • The Best Tuesday of My Life
    • The Best Friday of My Life
    • The Best Thursday of My Life
    • The Worst Sunday of My Life
  • donna-lisa
  • Meeting Marianne
  • not the charm
  • the paddle story
  • The Spanking of Megan Riley
  • worth the pain

Plus, a little bonus: I talk about my “spanking connected universe” toward the end of this book. Probably. Unless my beta readers think it’s too self-indulgent.

Oh, and if you want a PDF ARC to review on your site, let me know and I’ll put you on the list.

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