Thirteen Paragraphs

Here are 13 paragraphs, one from each of the stories in Baker’s Dozen. I hope you enjoy them. If you do, pick up the book next month and read all the rest of the words too.

Which one of these are you most interested in reading more of?

“A Spoonful of Attitude”

His hand crashed down on the seat of her pajama pants with a massive THWAP. “You earned it last night, you earned it just now, and as long as you’re my wife–” THWAP! “You’ll keep that attitude in check!”

“Any Port in a Storm”

“I want you,” Jo said, “to want me to spank you. And when I’m done, I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been. I promise you that.”

“Strong Medicine”

After three years together, she’d definitely found out what it was like for him to use all his strength to spank her. And given how much trouble she was in right now, she was quite certain she’d be getting a very painful reminder of that.

“The Hallway”

Danielle touched one of the marks, just a brush of a fingertip, but pulled away as if she’d been scalded. The flesh was hot, yes, but the fresh blush of pain had been what caused the reaction. She’d been spanked before, but never like this. She pulled her panties away from her bottom, sliding them down to her knees, and let her skirt fall over her bare backside.

“Too Late”

She screwed her eyes shut as the belt whistled; it licked just under where her panties ended, the crack sharper and higher. A shout, muffled by her lips pressed tight together, wasn’t nearly enough to express how it felt.


“Look, Zach, after tonight we probably won’t see each other again until the twenty-year reunion. I’m sick of living in an online fantasy world, watching you spank your wife the way I wish my husband would spank me.” She got up from her desk and crossed the small distance to mine. Very deliberately, she leaned down and rested her forearms on the scratched, pitted wood surface. “I. Need. A. Spanking.”

“Taken Down”

She screamed for real now, loud enough to drown out the sound of the second spank – another explosion of fire through her body. “Why, Amanda?” he asked. Then he hit her again; another wail. “Why do you fight me?” The fourth came too fast, right on top of the third, and she broke, bawling. “I always win, and you always make it worse for yourself.” Another bruising smack to the same cheek, and even through her jeans and her panties she knew she was already turning crimson. “Why, Amanda? Why?”

“Baker’s Dozen”

And then, before he could think too hard about it, he landed six more spanks, as hard as he could, in rapid-fire succession, his hand big enough to cover half her ass each time. She broke into sudden, body-shaking cries – the sort of “waaaaahh” that writers try to communicate with all sorts of onomatopoeias but never quite manage to do so.

“The Arrangement”

The first time was a stolen interlude in the back of his SUV when she was in town for a business meeting. He’d raised her skirt and bared plain white cotton panties. They’d agreed on ten smacks that first time, and afterward she told him it was the hardest spanking she’d ever received.

“Comparison Shopping”

When he finally stopped for a breather, and to let his arm relax, Shawna’s bottom and upper thighs were just barely starting to take on a pink flush. He switched sides, his sore left hand hot on her lower back, his right hand cupping and gently squeezing the fullest part of her bottom. She pushed into his hand and made a keening sound in the back of her throat.

“The Truth About Annie”

And then the real spanking started. Hard, fast spanks, in the same two places each time – low on her bottom, right above where it met her thighs. Each one was a crisp, sharp SMACK; each target rapidly turned red. And Annie was definitely feeling it – she was trying to squirm, and she offered up little pained noises and quick, surprised gasps. The squirming wasn’t a problem; Annie had been a swimmer and water polo player and still had the muscles from it, but I had leverage – and a lot of practice keeping people in position.

“The Babysitter’s Daddy”

“I’ll put you over my knee.” I hoped she couldn’t see how terrified – and somehow turned on – I was feeling. “I’ll put you over my knee, and I’ll spank your bare bottom.”

“Right Here, Right Now”

He spun her around and his palm cracked against the seat of her jeans. “Yes!” WHACK! “It!” WHACK! “Is!” Then she was facing him again, her bottom stinging – he had held nothing back just then, and with his size came quite a lot of strength. Very few people could spank her through jeans and make it hurt, but he was one of them. “You’re getting a spanking, Angie.” He folded his arms. “You can get those pants down, or I can take them off you myself. Your choice.”

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