BAKER’S DOZEN: table of contents reveal

The second-to-last set of edits is done. The book is mostly typeset. The cover is pretty much complete. All my front and end matter is written.

And, most importantly, the story order is set.

For a while I had the book broken up into four groups of stories, before I added a 13th story and called it Baker’s Dozen. Then I tried breaking it in half, with “Baker’s Dozen” in the middle, but as was correctly pointed out to me the separation I created didn’t make any sense. I thought for a while I’d just throw the stories into the contents in the same order, but the aesthete in me decided they would look better if I neatly adjusted the stories by title length. And then I had to try and keep stories with similar themes apart from each other because, I mean, who wants to read three punishment scenes in a row?

What, you do? Good, because I did that. You’ll see when you read the book where they ended up.

Anyway, here’s the final table of contents for Baker’s Dozen, coming next month as an ebook and a paperback:

* A Spoonful of Attitude
* Any Port in a Storm
* Strong Medicine
* The Hallway
* Too Late
* Reunion
* Taken Down
* Baker’s Dozen
* The Arrangement
* Comparison Shopping
* The Truth About Annie
* The Babysitter’s Daddy
* Right Here, Right Now

Excerpts, cover reveals, and more coming as soon as I can find some time. Seriously, my real job has been kicking my ass lately. If you want me to write more, you need to buy my books so I have time to actually… y’know… do that.

In the meantime, there’s the contents. What are your guesses as to the topics of the stories? I’d love to hear them.

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