A Page of Sarah’s Composition Book

I received my second Amazon review, so, as promised, here is another page from Sarah’s notebook. This one happened before the book took place (in the “now” timeline). I don’t remember why I created it, but I did, and now it’s yours.

Here’s the lovely review, from “Bri”:

Hot scenes are a given in a book like this – but what I liked the most was that the characters had more depth, especially Sarah. They had complicated backgrounds, insecurities, and problems that didn’t spill over into melodrama. I especially enjoyed Michael’s flashback towards the end. The bit with his sister though was a little off putting – I’m just wondering when it’s going to come into play more. I know this is only the first part of the series but since it came on at the end, it was such a sharp contrast to the other conflict in the story. But all in all, it was a really enjoyable read with some very hot scenes, especially if you’re interested in spanking and D/a relationships.

If you’d like to see what she’s talking about, here’s where you can get a copy.

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