Skip to the Good Part

This post is somewhat inspired by the song “The Good Part” by AJR. At least, when I thought of the post idea, that song came to mind.

A few days ago I was doing a rather intense spanking scene with one of my partners. At least, I knew it would be intense when we built up to it, but to get there, we had to do the warm-up first. With this particular partner, warm-ups can be pretty hard hand spankings without causing any issues, which is nice, but I really wanted to skip to “the good part”. Which isn’t to say that I don’t love spanking her with my hand — and certainly isn’t to say that I didn’t spank her a ton with my hand before any implements were used — but I really wanted to get to my new OTK cane, a strap, a wooden spoon, a paddle, and more. I did eventually get to all of those things, interspersed with plenty of hand spanking, but as I had her over my knee and was spanking her, all I could think was “just how little of a warm-up can I get away with?”

That’s not what I wanted to be thinking, and not what I should have been thinking. Warm-ups are important when it comes to non-punishment spankings (and if you want a punishment spanking to last a long time a warm-up of some sort is necessary as well), and I would never skimp on one. As I had those thoughts, I fought them down and continued spanking her with my hand, not only because she needed a warm-up before we got to “the good part” but because I love giving hand spankings and she loves receiving them. Why would I not want to do the warm-up part if it involves something we both enjoy so much?

I guess sometimes I just really want to use implements more than I want to use my hand. Sometimes I really want to indulge my inner sadist and make the other person say “ow” a lot. The less of a warm-up there is, the quicker most people get to “ow”. But as an experienced and conscientious spanker, I know that that sort of thing has to be negotiated beforehand. And, like I said, why would I want to deny myself or my partner something we both desire?

I guess it’s just one of those spanko things that happens sometimes.

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