I have a long-distance partner that I went to visit recently. She just got a new couch, and one of her requirements for said couch was that it would work for OTK spanking — giving or receiving. This partner is a very curvy woman, and I’m pretty curvy myself, but the couch got the job done — we both got OTK spankings on it that first night.

Interestingly, though, I found it difficult to get a good swing with an implement — even a short one — while we were on the couch, unless I turned the implement vertically. I think it probably has to do with the back of the couch getting in the way of my elbow. Usually when I give OTK spankings, I’m sitting on my bed, putting someone over my left knee, and that gives me leave to swing in a bigger — or at least a different — arc. Actually, now that I think about it, the last time I gave someone an OTK spanking on a couch the same thing happened — the back of the couch got in the way of my elbow. Given that that person was a different shape than my long-distance partner, I have to believe the issue is with couches themselves.

Of course, the nice thing about using a couch for spanking is that you can feel someone fully on your lap. I like it when my partners — romantic or spanking — put their weight on me during a scene.

And then there was the thing that I don’t think I’d ever felt before during an OTK spanking. I was over her lap, and a few times, before she started spanking me harder or faster with an implement, she’d put her arm across my back to hold me in place. Not that I was going to go anywhere, but it’s just a thing we spankers do. I had no idea just how comforting that could feel. I’m sure, during a punishment scenario, it has a different feel to it, but we weren’t doing that so I just allowed myself to enjoy the additional sensation.

I’m not a bottom. If anything, I’m a 95/5 switch — I get spanked on occasion, usually only by certain people at certain times, but I’m primarily a top/spanker. But, that said, I can still appreciate everything that goes along with spanking from the bottom’s perspective. Including being held in place while OTK. It’s really nice, and helped put me in an even happier place during that part of the scene.

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