Another spanking party story

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Switching Plans takes place at a national spanking party in the Central time zone. (So does Three Paddlings for Kristen, come to think of it.) The same group that hosts that party also hosts other parties throughout the year, so when one of their 2023 parties coincided with a day I was writing for the holiday stories, I decided to have one of my characters, Trish (aka Princess Patricia), go to the party and do some spanking. Here’s some of what she did:

After inspecting the implements Jason had laid out on the bed, Trish sat down on it and looked up at Courtney. “Are you ready?”

She bit her lip and nodded, then reached under her dress and lowered her panties.

“Over my lap.”

Courtney, as tall and curvy as she was, still managed to get into a comfortable position over Trish’s left thigh. Trish raised her dress, revealing that her bottom was only a little pink now. She cupped it, rubbed it, enjoyed the happy little sound Courtney made. She wondered if spanking turned Courtney on.

“Here we go.”

Trish’s hand made pleasant whap! sounds as it landed on Courtney’s backside, which bounced and jiggled in the most beautiful way. She concentrated on Courtney’s sit-spots, though she did make sure to spank her entire bottom, not going too hard, but firmly enough that in the paler areas she saw imprints of her hand.

A couple of minutes later, Trish paused and listened to Courtney’s breathing. It was quick, a little gaspy, and during the spanking she’d made little mewling noises. “Everything all right?”


“Good. Good girl.” She patted Courtney’s backside, and then started spanking again, a little harder now, whack! instead of whap!, the goal being to leave Courtney hot and stinging. Her hand was a little sore from all the spanking she’d already done, but she pushed through the pain in her palm and the ache in her shoulder; she wasn’t going to skimp on things, not when she had a woman like this over her knee.

Once Courtney was fully pink, Trish switched to a small, light wooden paddle. She could tell it stung by the way Courtney squirmed, but Trish had a lot of experience giving spankings and she managed to get the right leverage to keep Courtney over her knee while she peppered her backside with sharp swats. Then she went for a heavier paddle, thicker but still only the size of Jason’s hand, and that started to leave marks.

Trish looked up when she stopped, and Jason had a lascivious expression on his face. She wondered if he was going to break the streak, or if he was going to suggest Trish be a unicorn for the night, but he just took some photos of Courtney’s bottom and then waved Trish on. So she continued spanking, until Courtney was whimpering and whining, until her bottom was fully red.

Jason and Courtney, by the way, first appear in “Flip the Switch” from Butt Stuff.

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