My First Hairbrush

People who meet me these days have no doubt that any hairbrush I own is specifically for spanking — my head, after all, is shaved. But I didn’t always have a shaved head; when I was younger, and in fact up until I was 38, I had hair, and as a hair-having human, I used a hairbrush.

But it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I got my first hairbrush that was appropriate for spanking.

(A wooden hairbrush.)

This was not a great hairbrush for spanking. It was wood, yes, but the wood was a veneer that flaked off, and the impact area was too small. Still, once I got into spanking, I repurposed this brush and added it to my toy bag. These days I use the Conair ceramic wood hairbrush, which makes loud popping noises and really hurts, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for that first brush.

And no, I don’t have it anymore. It got to the point where it wasn’t safe to use for spankings.

You have to be careful with hairbrushes, by the way. These two brushes below cracked while being used, both on the same person (although in different sessions).

(A wooden hairbrush with a crack down the center. There is also a small crack near the handle.)
(A wooden hairbrush. The handle has broken away from the impact area.)

I wasn’t even spanking her that hard. I swear!

What was your first hairbrush like?

One thought on “My First Hairbrush

  1. The first I used for spanking purposes was a cheap Walmart brush, a plastic paddle brush. Bad choice. It didn’t take long to break at the spot the handle split.


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