Core Memories

Warning: this post contains discussions of corporal punishment. Reader discretion is advised.

In the film Inside Out, we are introduced to the idea of “core memories” — memories that form who we are and what we feel. Recently I was talking to a friend about the beginning of Three Paddlings for Kristen, and she noted that I’d put one of my spanking core memories into it — specifically, seeing that one episode of Tom & Jerry.

Then I started thinking about other spanking core memories.

  • Looking up spanking and other related words in the dictionary — as I’m sure most hard-wired spankos did.
  • Seeing my sister get a swat on her backside — the only one she ever got.
  • The long, long walk down the hall to my parents’ room after I’d been grounded, for a “talk” that I was sure would end with me over someone’s lap. (It never happened. My parents didn’t use corporal punishment.)
  • Trying to incorporate spanking in various games, to no avail.
  • The very first consensual spanking I ever gave, in the backseat of my car, turning my then-girlfriend’s bottom a bright shade of red.
  • The moment my friend Nick’s mom came out into the garage where we were playing and warned him that if he ever threatened his little sister with “the spoon” again he would be in “big trouble”. My nascent spanko mind immediately made the connection that that was the implement Nick got spanked with when he misbehaved.
  • Sitting in Psychology class in college, my friend Stephanie squirming beside me. I knew she was pledging a sorority at the time. Maybe the chairs were just uncomfortable, or maybe she’d gotten paddled. I never asked.
  • The scene in Places in the Heart where the mom asks the son what would happen if his dad was still around, and he said “he’d spank me, I reckon”, so the mom does it. I don’t remember the actual spanking, but I remember that moment.

Do you share any of those spanking core memories with me? What are some of yours?

One thought on “Core Memories

  1. I didn’t like Places In The Heart overall, but I do remember that scene as well. I was also a dictionary spanko. And I have an early memory of being at a friend’s house when they got into trouble. I was left out in the yard while she was pulled inside and spanked. I could hear it through an open window.


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