When in doubt, ask first

I was recently being spanked on a spanking bench when the person spanking me said something to the effect of “let’s see how red you are” and pulled down my shorts to check.

Whoa. Hold on there. We did not discuss that.

Now, I personally didn’t have a problem with this activity, not in principle. Had the person asked first, I probably would have said yes. But they didn’t.

How did I react? Well, after my initial shock, I said: “While I don’t have a problem with what just happened, we didn’t discuss that, and I didn’t consent to it. Had you done that to someone else, you might have gotten yourself in some trouble.”

The person was appropriately apologetic. They didn’t do it maliciously, or with bad intent. They literally just wanted to see my butt.

Contrast that with someone else who spanked me recently. It was a fairly hard spanking, but it was all over my shorts. The person said I should go into the bathroom and see if I had any marks. I said I don’t mind them looking, but they said I should just check on my own. Fair enough. (I didn’t have any marks, by the way.)

The lesson here for person #1: when it comes to doing something that wasn’t previously discussed or consented to, when in doubt, ask first. Hopefully they took that lesson to heart.

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