Dreaming of Pre-Orders

I’m not really sure how Amazon’s algorithm works, but I have to believe that if a book gets pre-ordered a lot it gets bumped up higher. In that spirit, Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be is now available for pre-order!

Well, the Kindle version is, anyway. As usual Amazon isn’t quite able to figure out how to make a print book available for pre-order, which seems like a major oversight, but what can you do?

I would appreciate it if you pre-ordered the book. However, if you don’t want to, I understand.

Also, here’s the cover for the audiobook, which is going to be a while because I have to wait until the book is published to even commission it.

(The audiobook cover of Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be, featuring a redheaded woman hugging a blond woman from behind, on a stormy-sky background with a grassy field.)

Oh, and… Happy Halloween to all who observe.

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