“Dreaming” back cover copy

Yesterday I shared the cover of Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be with you. Today, I’d like to share the back cover copy:

From the author of LESSONS and TRAINING THE TRAINER comes a new novel about changing the world for those you love…

When Lily’s wife is killed, Graham knows the only way his best friend will survive is if he changes things to keep it from happening. He casts a spell that eliminates all magical and supernatural elements from the entire world, rewriting history and the present to give Lily a happy life, full of love and joy.

Lily, though, has no idea Graham cast the spell — and neither does Graham. At least, not until dreams of the other world, dreams of magic and monsters, start bleeding through the veil of reality. Lily, now an executive at a high-powered media company, only finds out because her new secretary Elizabeth, a rival executive named Jack and her girlfriend Hope, and even Graham himself are all suffering from nightmares.

Nightmares of the world that was changed.

Now it’s up to Lily and Graham to figure out how to stop the dreams before they overwhelm Elizabeth, Jack, Hope, and everyone else close to them. But will stopping the dreams mean destroying the world Graham has created? Will it mean Lily has to watch her wife die all over again? Because if that’s the case, Graham knows he’ll lose Lily once and for all.

And that’s not a world he wants to live in.

You’ll notice that, unlike my other books, there’s no mention of sex, spanking, or other erotica in the copy. That’s because, unlike my other books, the sex and spanking in this one is truly secondary to the plot. It’s explicit, yes, and hot (as you would expect), but this book is really more about the relationships between the people and the choices that they make. It’s the closest thing to a (for lack of a better term) mainstream genre novel that I’ve written under this name (under another name I have written a ton of genre fiction).

I hope you enjoy it.

Pre-order link coming soon!

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