1300 pages

So. About that sequel to Weekend Plans. Remember how I shared with everyone that it’s over 330,000 words long (first draft, anyway)? Well, as it turns out, that translates to over 1300 pages if I paste the text of the book into the template I use for print novels.

I highly doubt anyone is going to buy a 1300-page print novel.

After reducing the font size a bit, it was still over 1000.

I asked my partners what I should do about this, since I really want to publish a printed version of the book (there’s just something about physically turning the pages of an interactive novel). One said I should publish it as a trilogy (which wouldn’t work because you have to jump around while reading). The other said I should cut out certain paths, or save them for a future book.

So I started trimming.

The unabridged version book itself contains more than 25 individual spanking scenes. Some have to appear multiple times in the book because of the varying paths you (the reader) will take to get to the end. Others are smaller, and could conceivably be cut.

After several days of work, I finally got the printed copy of the book down to 665 pages (including front and end matter). The Kindle version will be unabridged, but the print version will be much shorter. Of course I would love people to buy both, but if you have to pick one, I recommend the Kindle version, because then you’ll get literally every path and choice that I wrote when I put the book together.

This is the first time I’m ever changing more than just a few words here and there* between versions. I’m curious to see how it’ll work out.

* With print versions, in order to keep scene breaks from appearing at the top or bottom of pages, I sometimes have to add or remove words or line breaks. Trust me; you’d never notice unless you were really scouring the books.

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