Inspired by Reddit

A few weeks ago, I was perusing Reddit, as you do, and I came across a post in one of the relationship advice subreddits. The poster was a husband who knew his wife had received a speeding ticket and was keeping it from him, but he knew, and she didn’t know that he knew. He was asking how to broach the subject with her.

Naturally, my brain went to the spanking place. There are plenty of stories out there where someone gets a speeding ticket and gets punished for it. Now I’ve written one too. Here’s some of it:

“You would’ve gotten paddled for the tickets,” I told her, “and you know that. But why did you lie about it?”

“Why do you think? I didn’t want to get punished.”

“So instead you risked even more punishment?”

“It wasn’t my finest hour,” she said.

“No. It wasn’t.” I handed her the speeding tickets. “Go put these away, and then we’ll get this over with.”

“How did you find them, anyway?”

“Cleaning the cars.” That was one of my jobs in the household — every other Saturday, I would wash and vacuum both of our vehicles. “They were tucked in the visor.”

“Crap.” She stood up. “I’m really sorry, Stephen,” she said again.

“Not yet you’re not.”

Lauren shuffled away, returning about a minute later. I could tell she was already fighting back tears.

I got to my feet and picked up the paddle. “Bend over the bed.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lauren got in position. Her ass was wide, round, and fully exposed to me. I tapped the paddle on it and she jumped. “Two tickets. Two lies. Twenty-two swats.”

“Twenty-two?” she wailed, terrified. “Stephen, please! I can’t take that many!”

“You earned every single one.”

“I know, but–“

“But nothing, Lauren. You’re getting paddled how and when I say you’re getting paddled, and that’s the end of that.”

“Can’t I at least have a warm-up?” she begged.



“Fuck!” Lauren shouted. “I wasn’t ready!”

“I don’t care.” I waited, listening to her heavy breathing. “I don’t hear something.”

That got a whimper, but she did what she was supposed to do. “Thank you for spanking me,” she said. “I know I deserve it.”

This particular story is very short — under 2000 words — and because of that there aren’t a lot of places for me to include character description that wouldn’t make it feel forced or cliche. In my head, this is approximately what the main character looks like:

(A beautiful, curvy red-haired woman wearing lingerie, from

Gorgeous, right? But I don’t have a good place to put that information in the story. Hopefully when I do revisions it’ll fit. And as for the story itself? It’ll be in my third collection — whenever that ends up coming out.

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