Formative Erotica, Part 2

In my previous “Formative Erotica” post, I looked at three stories that influenced my ideas of sex, stories that I read as a teenager, back in the days when there was no such thing as good adult/age verification on BBSes. I went through the Wayback Machine and found a few more stories that heavily influenced me.

  • “Beth” — This one’s about a couple who experiments with anal sex, discovering that it is a very sexy and enjoyable activity. It’s also the first story I ever read that included rimming, so it stuck in my head. Some of the language is suspect, and the best scenes are the first two, but I still remember it very well.
  • “Blackmailing the Queen” — I won’t link to this one because of the ages of the participants, but it’s about a high school student who catches the “queen bee” doing cocaine and blackmails her into a sexual relationship that eventually becomes a consensual one. I really, really don’t like the blackmail part, but the actual sex scenes are well-written and the author captures the main character’s mindset very well. Plus, it has a happy ending.
  • “Eager Beaver’s Sorority Initiation” — This story is… not great. It’s very much a man’s fantasy of what a sorority initiation might be like. But I still remember parts of it quite well, and I guess that makes it formative. Also, it reminds me of a fun story from my college years: a friend of mine, Stephanie, was pledging a sorority (no, I won’t tell you which one), and one day in psychology class she was squirming quite a lot in her chair. I like to think it’s because she got paddled and her bottom hurt. I never had the guts to ask, though.

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