To be fluid-bonded with your partner means you have stopped using barriers to prevent bodily fluids from touching the other person. This includes oral, manual, vaginal, and anal sex.

To those of us who are conscientious about our sexual health, the phrase “fluid-bonded” is part of our normal vocabulary when discussing sex — either with our existing partners or with potential new partners.

Recently on Reddit someone asked a question about vasectomies vs “trusting your partner”. I commented that while I have had a vasectomy I still use condoms unless I’m fluid-bonded with a partner. Vasectomies only prevent against pregnancy; they don’t prevent against STIs.

Within half an hour, three people had commented that they never wanted to see that phrase again.

Seriously? Grow the fuck up. This shit’s important. You can’t have safe(r) sex without being mature enough to discuss the actual activities as well as the implications thereof — especially now, especially in the US. I’m glad I’m not going to have sex with any of the people who responded to my comment. If you can’t have a frank, open, and honest discussion with me about safe(r) sex before we fuck, then I don’t want to fuck you.

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