Sex in the Laundry Room

Hey, look! Sex from my fanfic-to-novel project with two completely new characters. Well, new to you, anyway. Jack — short for Jacqueline — is an employee of a company that works with Lily’s. Hope is the escort she hires regularly, and likes more than she should. She paid for Hope to come to town, and after pissing off someone at Lily’s house, Jack has dragged Hope into the laundry room. But things have taken a turn…

“You’ll just have to be quiet,” Hope said, going down onto one knee. “Very, very quiet. Can you do that for me, Jackie?”

Jack looked down at Hope and bit her lip. “This isn’t a good idea, is it.”

“Nope.” Hope unhooked the top of Jack’s slacks and tugged, and Jack let her pull them down to her ankles. Her panties — a tiny scrap of black cotton and lace — Hope just tore them off and threw them in a trash bin. “You don’t need those anymore.”

The response was a small, soft whine. Hope slid her palms up Jack’s inner thighs and, with her thumbs, spread her apart. Jack had such dark skin, but inside she was bright pink and glistening, her clit tight and hard. “Wow, Jackie, you do need it, don’t you?”

Hope assumed Jack nodded, but she was too busy paying attention between the other woman’s legs. It was easy to slide two fingers into her, to crook them and hit her g-spot. Jack squeaked, and that got Hope to stand back up, to put her hand over Jack’s mouth and push her back against the wall. Not hard enough to hurt her, not so she hit her head on it, but just enough to get that good grip.

Jack tried to bite Hope’s fingers, but Hope shook her head. “Be a good girl, Jackie, or I’ll spank you right here. You don’t want that, do you?”

Now it was Jack’s turn to shake her head, eyes wide. But soon her eyes snapped shut as Hope added her thumb to the mix, finding Jack’s clit and hitting it just right even as she fucked her with her fingers.

“Come for me, Jackie. You know you want to.”

Jack hummed — probably would’ve been much louder, had Hope not been covering her mouth — and her hips spasmed. Hope felt Jack clench tight on her fingers, her insides fluttering. It wasn’t a long orgasm, but it was a strong one, and when it was over Hope took her hand away from Jack’s mouth. Jack gasped for breath, whimpered as Hope slid her fingers out, and then opened her mouth as Hope brought her other hand close. Jack always liked to taste herself after she came, and her tongue and lips felt lovely on Hope’s fingers. It drove a little spark down between Hope’s legs, but they didn’t have time for that. “Better, Jackie?”

Jack nodded and released Hope’s fingers. “Better. Thank you.”

This chapter ends with a bare-bottom belting, but I’m going to hold that back until the book gets published. Can’t give everything away, now can I?

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