A Meme Spanking

No, this isn’t a post about spanking memes (although that’s a good idea for a future one). It’s a bit of a story I wrote, about a woman who invented a spanking meme and then reaps the benefits.

The girl — I say “girl”, but she was probably forty or so — blushed hotly, from the collar of her blouse all the way up to her cheeks. But she managed a nod. “We’re closing in fifteen minutes. Can you stay after for a little while?”

I had nothing else planned that night, and it looked like I might get to do some spanking. “Sure.”

She blushed again but slipped away, and for the next quarter-hour I wondered what it would be like to put this tiny thing over my knee and spank her bottom. And how scared must she have been to even bring it up? I’m a big girl — six feet tall, with lots of curves, and I work out, so there’s definition in my arms. I’m rather proud of them — I wear sleeveless tops whenever I can. Tonight I had on an ankle-length summer-weight dress with a black top half and horizontal black-and-white stripes from the waist down. The top was little more than a tank-top; she clearly got a look at my arms.

Well, it was her ass. If she wanted a spanking from me I was only too happy to oblige.

Once I heard her lock the door, I went up to the front counter. “I’m Emily,” I said. “What’s your name?”

“Michelle.” Her voice was soft and light, and it looked like she was trying to disappear into the long-sleeved cardigan she was wearing over a button-up blouse and jeans. “N… nice to meet you.”

“You too.” I inclined my head toward the back of the store. “Why don’t we get out of sight?”

Michelle nodded and took the drawer out of the cash register. “Come with me.”

I followed Michelle through the store and into the stock room. She opened a safe, put the cash drawer in it, and locked it again. Then she stood up and looked at me. It was a long look, one that almost made me squirm.

“How much experience do you have?” she asked, and there was new confidence there. It was kind of sexy, to be honest.

“I’ve been in the spanking community for about ten years,” I said, “but I’ve been interested pretty much all my life. I gave my first spanking twelve years ago, though, when I was twenty-two.”

“I haven’t been spanked in a long time,” Michelle said. “You?”

“I switch, but mostly just at parties and events. Usually when I meet up with someone it’s because they want a spanking.” I smiled. “Especially men — they like when they can feel small, and, well…” I gestured at myself.

“But when was your last spanking?”

I thought about it. “Probably six weeks ago?”

“Would you like another?”

Don’t worry; I’ll post some actual spanking from this story soon. I just happen to like the turnabout — how confident Emily is that she’s going to spank Michelle, and then how Michelle turns the tables.

This entire story was hand-written. Twelve-and-a-half pages, 3350 words. Transcribing it was… well, it wasn’t what I’d call fun, but I guess it wasn’t that bad. This time.

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