Over-the-knee bare-bottom paddling

Did the title of this post give you a little frisson of excitement? Dread? Interest? All three?


(A woman in a blue dress giving an over-the-knee bare-bottom paddling. The bottom has her skirt up and panties down, and her bottom is bruised from the paddling.)

I recently talked to someone who believes that an over-the-knee bare-bottom paddling should be the baseline for all punishments given in a domestic discipline relationship. Additional things can be added to the punishment, but that’s where it should start, in her opinion. And if that’s what you agree upon before entering into the relationship, then that’s what should happen.

Why over the knee? Because the positioning feels awkward. Why bare-bottom? Because it’s the most embarrassing. Why paddling? Because it’s the most painful type of spanking (well, it can be — at least, when I do it).

So now I pose the question to you: what combination of position, attire, and implement would be most effective for punishing you? Tell me in the comments below. Let’s talk about it.

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