Bobbie and Jane’s Good Boy

I finally started writing the third part of “Bobbie’s Good Boy“. In the original version, Jane came before Bobbie ever showed up, and the main character and Jane explored sex with each other before eventually drifting apart, making room for Bobbie. But in this version I made Jane one of Bobbie’s close friends because I eventually want the main character to be a good boy for both of them.

Here’s a little bit of the story:

Having Bobbie and Jane on either side of me was like being enveloped by softness. I had my arms pinned to my sides, my hands under my butt so that I didn’t touch Jane unless she wanted me to. Bobbie cupped my face with one hand and kissed me, and if I hadn’t been hard enough before, I certainly was now.

I heard Jane make a noise deep in her throat, and Bobbie pulled back a little. “Can Jane touch you?” she asked me.

I nodded.

“Is there anything you don’t want her to do?”

“Not…” I swallowed hard. “Not that I can think of.” I looked over toward Jane, who smiled like a kid in a candy store. “Go… go ahead.”

She didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I felt her cool hand slide up my thigh and wrap around my cock. Her hand was smaller than Bobbie’s, and didn’t reach all the way around; I wasn’t huge or anything, but when I looked down and saw Jane’s hand on my shaft I felt gigantic. She started to stroke me, and Bobbie started kissing me again, and it wasn’t long before I felt like I was ready to come. Not that I would — after this long together, I needed attention paid to my ass to get off — but it was fucking amazing.

Even more so when Jane replaced her hand with her mouth.

I hadn’t had a ton of sexual experience before Bobbie, but I did know that she gave me the best head I’d ever had. At least, that was before I felt Jane’s mouth. It was soft, softer than Bobbie’s, and warm, and wet, and her lips glided over my skin like they were made of silk.

Bobbie stopped kissing me and looked down. “Fuck, that’s hot.”

I had no words. I just moaned and arched a little, which pushed my cock further into Jane’s mouth. I heard her gag a little and she pulled back, coughing. “Sorry!” I said quickly.

Jane wiped her mouth with her hand. “It’s okay. I have a shallow gag reflex. It sucks.” But it didn’t stop her from swallowing me down as far as she could comfortably go, her hand on my shaft, I guess to keep her from going deep enough to choke. The noises were unreal; she was slurping and sucking in a way that Bobbie didn’t — Bobbie’s blowjobs felt wonderful, but she was… I guess the best way to say it is “neater”. Jane wasn’t neat, and I felt warmth dripping down onto my balls.

Bobbie stared into my eyes from up close. “How is it?”

“A… amazing…” I could barely speak. 

“Better than me?”

I shook my head quickly. I mean, yes, it was objectively better than Bobbie’s blowjobs, but I was in love with Bobbie, and I was her good boy, and nothing Jane could do would ever stand up to that.

She gently slapped my face. “Liar. I know she’s the best at it. It’s okay to tell me.”

“How… how do you… know?”

Bobbie moved away, and then down my body, and I felt Jane pull back.

Then I felt Bobbie’s mouth on my cock and I moaned. She took me all the way to the hilt, swiping her tongue along the underside of my shaft as she went. She came up for air and stroked my cock a little bit. “Trust me. I know.”

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