Tall Tales

Years and years ago, I read this spanking story (which I can’t find, no matter how hard I try) which had two girls sharing “tall tales of spankings we never received”. About twenty years ago, I wrote my own version of tall tales, and it just sat on my hard drive, collecting dust.

Recently I decided to figure out if I had enough fiction to do a second short-story collection, and I came across “Tall Tales #6”. I heavily rewrote it — my writing has improved greatly in twenty years, and my tastes have changed — and last week I finished it. I don’t know what the title will end up being, but I’m leaning toward “Bobbie’s Good Boy”.

Here’s some of it:

Bobbie, as the person who was more experienced, set things up. She took me into her bedroom and moved the pillows out of the way, and then sat down at the head of her bed, her back against the headboard, legs straight out. “Okay,” she said, “now take down your pants and–“

“What?” I felt the blood drain from my face.

“I only spank on the bare butt.”

“But… I mean… you’ll see–“

“Yes, I will. So what?” She suddenly had this no-nonsense attitude about her, like a schoolteacher. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I dug my toe into the carpet. “Take down your pants and lie over my lap.”

All the blood that had drained from my face made its way between my legs. Great. Now I had a hard-on, and Bobbie was going to see it, and she was going to see that I wasn’t as big as her dildo, and–

“Do it,” she snapped.

That tone of voice reached into my brain, bypassed my decision-making abilities, and forced my hands to unbutton my shorts. I pushed them down, and my underwear too, and tried not to think about what was on display.

“Good boy,” Bobbie said, and I throbbed. She patted her lap. “Come over here.”

I crawled across the bed until I was over her thighs, but I didn’t lower myself down. “I don’t want to… I mean… my…”

She solved the problem by pushing down on my lower back until I got the point. My cock nestled against her soft, broad thighs, and my ass was up in the air, and I pulsed a little bit, like a tiny orgasm.

Bobbie put her hand on my ass and started to rub me, not gently but not hard either. Firm, I guess. “You have a nice butt,” she said.

“Th… thank you.”

“It’ll be nicer when I’m done with it.”

“Done with what?’


That first spank jolted my heart into my throat. It wasn’t even very hard — it barely stung — but this was really happening now, and–


–I was going to let it happen.




No, not just ‘let’ it happen. I wanted it to happen.


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